News and milestones

February 2012

Model test campaign at 1:50 scale of the triangular platform in the coastal wave tank of the laboratory of the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria (IHCantabria)

The objective of the tests is to determine the forces and moments acting on the foundation models, as well as the measurement of the dynamic pressures due to waves at a series of points on the vertical and horizontal faces of the platform.

April 2012

Numerical modeling of the hydrodynamic behavior of the platform from the laboratory data obtained in the tests (IHCantabria)

CFD modeling for the determination of extreme loads in Ultimate Limit State.
Study of wave-structure interaction, both in its two-dimensional version, IH-2VOF, and in the three-dimensional model IH-3VOF.

March 2013

Alternatives study of the geometry of the caisson.
The objective of the study is to design the optimal structural system for the distribution of loads and minimization of environmental actions.
In addition, studying the optimum dimension and shape of the cells that make up the caisson so to reach a walls-voids ratio that allows great naval stability in all phases of transport and service.

January 2014

Model test campaign at a 1:20 scale carried out in the CCOB tank of the IH Cantabria to study the OWC oscillating water column system (IHCantabria).

Carrying out physical model tests, made out of steel sheets, necessary to calibrate a simplified numerical model that will allow to study the behavior of the platform and the efficiency of the oscillating water column system.

September 2016

CFD study of the hydrodynamic flow around the platform in order to minimize its resistance

Analysis of different caisson configurations (special finishes, edges, changes of level …) with different angles of incidence that modify the flow to optimize its behavior and maritime stability

February 2017

Patent filing ES2617991

With priority from 14 February 2017
Granting of the right throughout the national territory, under the conditions and with the limitations provided in the Patent Law. The duration of the patent will be twenty years counted from the filing date of the application (14/02/2017).

March 2017

Structural calculation of the platform (integral caisson and caisson using precast elements)

The objective is to justify the design of the foundation for offshore wind turbines, both structurally and constructively.
It consists of the following sections:
Definition of the structure
Proposed construction process
Structural justification

April 2017

Platform scalability study. Dimensional adaptation of the structure to the bases. Use of naval stability models in all configurations
0,5MW Wind turbine configuration
2MW Wind turbine configuration
5MW Wind turbine configuration
10MW Wind turbine configuration
15MW Wind turbine configuration
20MW Wind turbine configuration

August 2018

International patent publication (PCT / ES2018 / 000007) W0 2018/150063 on 08/23/2018

The International Preliminary Patent Report states that all its claims can be considered new and with inventive capacity
The regional phase entry is made in:
Europe EP3584373
United States US2020032473
China CN110382781

September 2018

Construction process design

Definition of the complete caisson manufacturing process carried out in ports with regular draft and without special auxiliary means.
Draft calculation and process stability to be performed in a maximum of two weeks

February 2019

Definition of valves, pumps, etc. to carry out both anchoring and dismantling

Study of the filling and emptying system of cell caisson type structures using rotary lobe pumps or by compressed air injection.
Analysis of the sectorization, instrumentation and control system

March 2019

Patent filing PCT/ES2019/070175
With priority from 18/03/2019

Offshore maritime structure installation method.
System of ballasting and deballasting of cells with seawater that minimizes the pressures on the walls and maximizes naval stability in all phases of the process

November 2019

Patent filing PCT/ES2019/070776
With priority from 12/11/2019

Structure for the support of marine installations and execution procedure.

December 2019

Hydrodynamic behavior of the structure for a 10 MW turbine (Seakeeping) with BEM model and Study of platform movement minimization using Wadam (Salt Technologies)

The objective of the study is to verify the suitability of the platform to support a 10 MW turbine with low accelerations and high energy production.

December 2019

Study of the mooring system from a coupled analysis of the platform using Orcaflex

Studies and definition of installation of anchors and lines (Salt Technologies)
Combinations of loads based on existing regulations

February 2020

Stress analysis on the structure and dimensioning of the reinforcement for the 10 Mw turbine

Estimation of the maximum values of the moments and stresses on the structure to dimension the amounts of reinforcement.
Definition of the final geometry of the structure to undertake these efforts.

February 2020

Test campaign at 1:50 scale of the triangular platform for 10 Mw turbines in the tank of the ECOREL-UPM laboratory of the School of Roads, Canals and Ports of Madrid

The objective of the tests is the determination of the forces, pressures and moments acting on the foundation models, as well as the measurement of the accelerations and movements of the turbine and platform